The src RPM and i386 RPM of Gtk::ExText module are available.
The RPM files of version 0.5.1 are available. You need to get all the following files. Unfortunely, the Gtk::ExText module is not available right now. I may appear in the web site tomorrow.
Version 0.5 is available in the download page.
PerlComposer is hosted in If you want to keep track of the newest development of PerlComposer, the CVS is available at
Two screen shots of the new version are available. The first one shows the new editor based on gtkextext. The second one shows the new style editor.
This site comes back again. The tuorial of Gtk-Perl has been updated a little bit and a new section has been added.
The tutorial about extension machenism of Gtk-Perl is available here.
Perl Composer 0.3p1 is released today. This is a bug-fixed version. In this version, the form name can be changed with any problem. The package name of generated form can be synchronized with the name within Perl Composer automatically. Every unimplemented menu item will prompt a message box to warn the user or even disabled.

I'm writting an introduction about the usage of Perl Composer now. I hope find someone to help my writting.( In grammer, writing style,....). If you would like to do it. Please contact with me(
Perl Composer 0.3 is released today. This version fill out a lot of unimplemented functions in the last version. I have started to use it to write some small utilities recently. In this version, I add a demo project xaconf.vp which is used to edit a system configuration file. The internal text editor is much better right now. I'm calling for help right now. I need to write widgets wrapper, better editor, better two-way parser, perl debugger, RPM generation tools, version control system, help system and others before Perl Composer could be more useful. Please contact with me if you are insteresting in these projects. Please check opened project for details.
VisualPerl will be renamed to Perl Composer. The mailing list will be moved to All subscribers will be registered in the new mailing list automaticlly.
1999-9-30 0.2-p3 Snapshot
Here is version 0.2p3. It requires a patch to Perl/Gtk 0.6123. Please get it from here.
1999-8-24 0.2-p2 Snapshot
A new snapshot of version 0.2-p2 is here. It contains a lot of new features, but is still very unstable. I hope to produce a stable one based on this version.
1999-8-11 0.2 Snapshot
A new snapshot of version 0.2 is here. This version is much more usable than before. The following features are added in this version,

I invite people to write widget wrappers for Visual Perl to increase the supported widget set. Please contact me ( if you are interested in doing so.
1999-7-27 New Snapshot
A new snapshot is here 

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