Version 0.6 is available

Please check sourceforge for a newest version.

Version 0.5.1 is available

Please check the new version from the sourceforge modules area of PerlComposer. RPM packages are available to simplify the installation. Please report if those files work or not to me .

Version 0.5 available

Version 0.5 of perlcomposer is available here . It requires gtkextext and a couple of other perl modules listed in the INSTALL.

The perl binding of gtkextext is available here.

0.4 Available

Download in here

0.3p1 Available

Download in here

Version 0.3 or above requires the CVS snapshot of gnome-perl or Perl/Gtk 0.6123 with a patch. Please download and install them in advance.

A snapshot of gnome-perl can be downloaded from here.

New Snapshot

The latest snapshot of version 0.2-p3 is here. This version requires a patch to Perl/Gtk 6.123. You can download this patch from here.

Download Perl Composer


You must install the following packages before you install Visual Perl.

This package is tested under Red Hat 6.0. However, other versions should work as well.


Because this is just a demo version, I don't expect anyone to install it on their system. Therefore, I have not prepared a program installer. This version of Visual Perl can be executed in place. Please uncompress and untar it within any directory and use 'perl VisualPerl' to execute it.

Old Versions

Click here to download Visual Perl 0.1.

Click here to download Visual Perl 0.0.